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DU Meter Crack is a powerful internet usage monitor which gives the full information about bandwidth usage. The software gives information about your download and upload speeds and also calculates the data transfer costs. It is a powerful software that can also help you to see the data transfer rates and as well as creates the full report of it and no matter which network you are online with. Added ability to generate reports of your data transfer rates. It will show you the network traffic in real-time.

It has many new and advanced functions. This app enables you to build reports on the daily, hourly and weekly basis. It also gives you the ability to compare your incoming and outgoing traffic. This program offers you to see the amazing charts of network transfer rate which help you to see how many data your device is consuming.

It has many tools to assist you in this regard and helps to see your network traffic so you can know if anyone is using your network or not. A smart user interface is very simple to use. The program supports a customizable floating window that will show you the network traffic. The app allows its users to choose between three different types of graphs such as area, line, and bar. Added support for three different modes like…

  • One graph
  • Two separate graphs
  • Two separate graphs with the zero line

DU Meter Crack 7.30 Plus LifeTime Serial Number

DU Meter 7.30 Crack + Serial Key is here to download for Windows. Only the home users can use it. It has the ability to work with Windows all versions. Easy to customize all features and even it helps you to do so. Also contains a special Toolbar in the Taskbar which keeps you up to date with incoming and outgoing traffic. The “Option” section gives you permission to filter traffic by IP address and allows you to customize the graphs, their color, sound, data transfer rate, network costs and much more. Download crack version now and enjoy all the features.

Key Features:

  • Full Control Over Your Network Traffic: Do you know the reason why some downloads take a time to complete the download, or why sometimes you are not able to receive your emails. You think all this happened because of hagging or large email file. So, in these cases, this app clears your mind and gives you the messages of harmful network activity. With this app, you can easily watch the data transfer rate.
  • Privacy Control: DU Meter Serial Number 7.30 helps you to enforce certain rules on the network for your children and employees if you own a small business. You need to install this app on your children’s/employee’s PC. You can configure it to give you the reports of their usage. It will notify you if any of them tries to break this rule.
  • Different Types Of Graphs: It contains different graphs like area, line, and bar. Users can easily select any graph. These amazing graphs show you the data transfer rates and alert you before you exceed the network limit.
  • Internet Package Volume: It is the best feature of this software. Many of you believe that your internet is unlimited and you can surf the internet as much as you can and download many movies, songs, and videos. But your network providers put the limit on your accounts and they can cut you off without any advance warning. So, this software creates the full report of your network usage and gives you the alert if you exceed this certain volume.
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New Features In DU Meter 7.30 Latest Version:
  • Click-through mode issues have also fixed.
  • DU Meter window Doesn’t show by Alt-Tab.
  • Minor bugs have also fixed in the new version.
  • Now select the current tab from the pop-up menu.
  • Many improvements have made in the new version.
  • Added a menu option in the latest version of DU Meter.
Activation Process

If you want to activate a full license for this software then you need to follow these easy steps that will definitely help you to crack it.

  1. Download Full Setup+Crack here
  2. Complete the installation process
  3. Now close the setup file completely
  4. Now you have to copy DU Meter Crack
  5. Paste it into the installation directory
  6. Run it and Click on Patch button
App Information:
  • Language: Multilingual
  • OS Support: Windows [All Versions]
  • License Type: Crack Version [LifeTime]
  • App Developer: Hagel Technologies

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